You Can Afford A FREE Holiday Every Year With These 4 Sneaky Tips

These sneaky and simple tricks can shave serious cash off your next getaway out of Singapore
03 October 2018

Life in fast-paced Singapore can be exhausting, but one of the benefits of living here is it’s easy to snag a weekend getaway.

But saving for it can be tricky, since it’s not exactly cheap to live here. The good news is that there are simple way to stretch your holiday budget without living on a shoostring and camping. Because we may be thrifty… but we still want to live that luxe life.

Let’s break it down. There are mainly three cost components when travelling: flights, accommodation and food. In all these areas, there’s “currency” you can earn that reduce your cash outlay, leaving you free to enjoy even the most spontaneous of getaways, whenever you choose.

by Chip Chen and Tara Barker, October 2018


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