Can You Take a 3D2N Vacation to Malacca For Under S$80?

03 August 2016

For the foodies, Malacca is filled with good food no matter which street you turn; for the history junkies, it’s rich with heritage, ancient landmarks, and the marks of history; for the chill out travelers, it’s the perfect city to leisurely explore on foot.

And for the budget traveler, it’s THE perfect destination to hit to spend as little as possible and still be able to, well, do stuff.

We planned out a 3D2N itinerary in Malacca for ONLY less than S$80!




Getting there

The most sensible way to get to Malacca is by coach, seeing as there are no direct flights.

Ticket prices for Malacca can vary wildly, so you definitely want to do your research online on sites like Busonlineticket before booking.

The cheapest company tends to be 707 Inc, and you can get tickets for as little as 12 SGD or 13 SGD each way. Try not to pay more than 36 SGD for a return ticket.

The ride should take three to four hours, maybe a little more if you go during public holidays and the causeway is jammed.

Cost: 26 SGD



Malacca is a backpacker’s paradise, and even if you’re on a very tight budget, you should be able to find stylish hostels, guesthouses and boutique hotels to stay at in the historic centre near Jonker Walk. Tourist infrastructure is very good and much better value for money than, say, KL.

For 15 SGD, you should be able to stay in a basic guesthouse room for two. For 18 SGD and above, you can get a budget hotel room with private bathrooms and air-conditioning.

There are very good deals on Agoda. For instance, a room at Hangout @ Jonker, the sister hotel of Hangout @ Mt Emily in Singapore, costs 36 SGD a night on Agoda at the time of writing, down from their walk-in price of 93 SGD.

Travel with your partner and you can stay in comfortable lodgings in the heritage area for 10 SGD to 20 SGD per person per night.

Cost: 10 SGD per night = 20 SGD for two nights



You can easily navigate most of the main tourist sites in the historic centre on foot, which are enough to keep you occupied on a weekend getaway. Many people spend their entire trip in the area in and around Jonker Walk. You can easily walk all the way out to the river from here.


To get to the Jonker Walk area from Melaka Sentral, where most buses from Singapore will drop you off, take a 15 minute bus ride for 1.50 MYR (0.50 SGD). Look for the domestic bus terminal and go to Gate 17. If you see other tourists around chances are they’re waiting for that bus too. Look out for Christ Church, the distinctive brick red building, which will be across the road from where you should alight.

If you insist on taking a cab, don’t forget to get the driver to use the meter. Prices are about half of what you pay in Singapore without as many crazy surcharges. Expect to be charged at least 10 MYR (3.32 SGD) to 15 MYR (4.98 SGD) for a 10 minute ride.

Cost: 5 MYR (1.66 SGD)



While the main attraction for most Singaporean visitors to Malacca is the food, the town itself is quite charming, and the historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Most of the historic sites are free to visit. Must-visits: the Jonker Walk Night Market, Cheng Hoon Teng Temple, Christ Church and Dutch Square, Porta de Santiago, and the Melaka River.


Cost: Free



No matter how low your budget is, you’ll eat well in Malacca. Meals at local stalls and family restaurants can cost as little as 4 MYR (1.33 SGD) to 8 MYR (2.65 SGD), although you might have to pay a premium if the stall is a “famous” one.

Malacca’s famous Chicken Rice Balls. image

If you have a big appetite or want to order more expensive items on the menu, you’ll pay up to 20 MYR (6.63 SGD) per person.

The new hipster cafes in the historic centre are slightly pricier, but still much more affordable than those in Singapore. You’ll spend about 10 MYR (3.22 SGD) to 15 MYR (4.97 SGD) for a drink and a dessert.


Cost: 30 MYR per day / 90 MYR (29.84 SGD) for 3 days


Total cost of a 3D2N trip to Malacca: 77.50 SGD

We’ve provided a pretty basic food budget for those who just eat a simple breakfast, lunch and dinner at food stalls. But if you have any cash to spare at all, go ahead and knock yourself out.


By Joanne Poh, MoneySmart, 22 July 2016

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