8 Reasons To Visit Phu Quoc, Vietnam, The Best Beach Island You’ve Never Heard Of

16 July 2016

Off the western coastline of Vietnam lies the tropical island of Phu Quoc –

– wait, Phu… what?!

If you’ve never heard of it, we don’t blame you. Neither have we, until we were given the opportunity to visit it for ourselves. But that’s the whole beauty of it – unspoilt beaches, a piece of local life, real serenity that only undiscovered islands yet to be tourist-trodden truly enjoy.

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That was Phu Quoc for us. Here are 8 things to do on this lovely island.

Getting there

Phu Quoc is a short flight away from Singapore via Ho Chi Minh City via VietJet Air (read more about my flight experience!) – which also means you have the option of exploring Ho Chi Minh City for the day before once again jetting off to the beah paradise that is Phu Quoc.

VietJet Air is both an affordable option for the budget traveller, and a luxurious choice (upgrade your flight to be a SkyBoss – I repeat, SkyBoss – need I say more?) for ones looking for a pampering vacation through and through, from take-off to your destination to your eventual touch-down back home.

It’s also currently the fastest flight route that’ll get you to Phu Quoc from Singapore, so, you know, there’s that!


By Pinky Chng, June 2016


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