The ULTIMATE Guide To Every Pay-Per-Use Lounge In Singapore’s Changi Airport

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02 August 2019

This is how you avoid airport nightmares.

Chalk it up to naivety, but I’d always held the notion that airport lounges were areas are only meant for those who can afford to fly business or first class. That’s when I stumbled upon the existence of pay-per-use lounges, and it has revolutionised the way I’ll be travelling in future.

As the name suggests, pay-per-use lounges grant access on a per-entry basis based on the duration of one’s stay, and is available regardless of which class you fly. What’s the difference then between this and chilling in places around the airport, and why would anyone choose to pay extra?

If you have a couple of hours before your flight and want to freshen up by taking a hot shower or a nap without waking up to a sore back, a lounge is your answer. So I did the legwork and visited every pay-per-use lounge in Changi Airport to see exactly what you’ll be paying for.

Next time you’re travelling abroad and need a place to kill time in comfort for a couple of hours, will you consider shelling out the cash for one of these pay-per-use lounges?

By Joey Lee, AsiaOne, July 2019 / Photos: AsiaOne (Joey Lee) 

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