10 of Our Favourite Southeast Asian Destinations You Need To Visit In Your Lifetime, Too

31 May 2016
<p>Here's some travel inspo for you!</p>

Here's some travel inspo for you!

Some of the world’s best travel destinations are just hours away!

Getting the travel bug from our June 2016 issue, featuring nearby destinations for your next holiday? (If you haven’t read it yet, download the digital edition here.)

Here’s even more travel inspiration from The Finder team — behold, our favourite Southeast Asian destinations!


Eileen’s trip to Bangkok, Thailand 

What did you love most about this vacation?  

The best part of this quick getaway: indulging in the wide variety of dining options, from great street food to chic restaurants, and authentic Japanese to trendy fusion Thai. 

What a culinary adventure we had! My husband and I spent the weekend exploring cafes, atmospheric restaurants, oh, and the lush spas.

On a tuk-tuk outside Leyana Spa. 

At Karmakamet Diner, a restaurant-cum-aromatic shop. Karmakamet is an established brand in Bangkok known for its line of aromatic fragrances and lifestyle products. –Eileen Chia, publisher 


Sara‘s trip to BoracayPhilippines 

What did you love most about this vacation?  

The beautiful white sand beaches, technicolor sunsets, friendly Filipinos and the exceptionally accommodating staff at Argonauta Boracay, where we stayed.  

They served us tasty meals on the lovely lawn or in our room or balcony, and they even packed snacks and drinks to-go — and helped (pregnant) me carry them down the stone steps to a nearby private beach. Heaven! 

Kayaks were cheap to rent and easy to manoeuvre in the relatively calm sea. We paddled in and around natural caves. 

This view from the Argonauta didn’t get old. Nope, not one bit. –Sara Lyle Bow, editor


Hazel’s trip to Tioman Island, Malaysia 

What did you love most about this vacation?  

My friend Anggi and I decided to go an impromptu weekend break to Tioman Island. The water activities were the most exciting – snorkelling, the boat ride and more. 

We immediately changed after arriving on the island to go snorkelling. We were both so excited during the speed boat ride to the deep-sea snorkelling spot! 

But I discovered that I cannot handle bodies of water where my feet cannot touch the ground. Nearly drowned Anggi while snorkelling. I guess some things (or people) are better left on land! 

On the rocking boat back to our resort. It really was quite fun to stick our heads out of the boat and feel the sea water spray on our tanned faces. –Hazel Joanne Vincent De Paul, associate editor


Pinky’s trip to Malacca, Malaysia

What did you love most about this vacation?  

Malacca’s a city steeped in culture – from its architecture to the people’s way of life – so much so that the entire city felt like a single tourist destination in itself. I love walking everywhere, and Malacca was a great city for that!

That, and the food. Omg, the food.

Case in point: Can you believe this was our AirBnB?! We felt like we were living in a museum.

Walking around the city, even along quiet alleyways, was quite the liberating experience. Also peeked into some houses with their doors left open, because I’m nosy like that. –Pinky Chng, digital content creator


Josh’s trip to Cebu, Philippines

What did you love most about this vacation? 

The sea activities! 

Just as the sun rose from the horizon, we jetted off into the open seas from Moalboal Beach and soon, we spotted a pod of dolphins swimming alongside our little boat! They followed us for quite a bit until they presumably got bored with us humans.  

We were taken to an island and we snorkelled for quite some time. I was even overrun by a huge school of sardines!   

They had to bring out the extra large horse for me because I was significantly bigger than my scrawnier family members who could get away with the tinier horsies. No shining armour but, white horse, anyone? 

This INSANE zip line is even bigger than the one in Singapore! It was 800-metres long! –Josh Tan, editorial intern


Stephanie’s trip to Macau, China

What did you love most about this vacation? 

Walking about and taking in the sights of the city – Macau architecture is a little different from other major cities in Southeast Asia. You feel like you’re not in an Asian city, it’s kind of like the Venice of Asia. 

And, of course, I loved the Famous Macau egg tart, fresh from the oven! 

Going with some group of friends, Taking photo in front of Ruins St. Paul is a MUST! 

Walking along the Senado Square – it’s a pretty awesome place! –Stephanie Gracia, graphic designer 


Michelle’s trip to Taipei, Taiwan 

What did you love most about this vacation? 

The sheer variety of things to do here – from eating to our heart’s content to shopping to pampering ourselves in the hot spring hotel where we stayed. 

Addiction Aquatic Development is a massive space that houses fresh seafood and aquamarine products, a large Japanese-style supermarket, and many themed restaurants and food kiosks under one roof.  

The Japanese sushi bar is a small restaurant which serves fresh sushi. Prices are reasonable; one thing to note, only cash payment is accepted there.  

We took the train to Jiufen station to explore the old streets of Taiwan, and headed down to Shifen to light up the Sky lantern! –Michelle Ng, graphic designer


Scott’s trip to Kuching, Malaysia 

What did you love most about this vacation? 

I visited Kuching to attend my friend’s wedding. 

I loved the well preserved local cultural buildings and chinese temples, the variety of luxury to budget hotels and restaurants. 

The streets of Kuching are filled with hidden gems as well as under-the-radar nooks and crannies that are great for aimless yet adventurous explorers. 

Kuching is nicknamed “Cat City” for a reason. Here’s me goofing around! –Scott Frank Sithu, graphic designer


Natalie’s trip to Bali, Indonesia 

What did you love most about this vacation? 

My family and I went to Mozaic in Ubud for my birthday dinner, and they surprised me with a chef’s table experience. 

We had a private chef’s table experience in a home setting and the best part, they tailored the menu to suit each and everyone of our individual taste and preference. (One of my friends didn’t like carrots, and hers was excluded. My uncle is diabetic and they customised a special meal course suitable for his consumption). So the attention to detail was amazing.  

With the amazing chef! 

We didn’t forget about the street food – Bali in general is known for its pork, as they are a hindu state so they allow eating pork openly (and they are pretty famous for it). This is possibly the only place I know where they serve pork satay! –Natalie Seah, senior account manager


Claudia’s trip to KaoHsiung, Taiwan 

What did you love most about this vacation? 

Kao Hsiung’s cityscape is kind of like Singapore’s – tall skyscrapers interspersed with diverse parks. There were tons of things to do! We visited the zoo, ate lots, shopped… 

Feeding our new friends at the zoo… 

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