Shopping Overseas? Take Note Of This BEFORE You Go Wild With Your Purchases

Travellers returning to Singapore have to pay GST for purchases.
01 April 2018

Having a holiday overseas usually translates to relaxing and shopping time. However, beware of lugging back too much shopping from your jaunts as your spoils could be subject to Goods and Service Tax (GST) once you get home.

Singapore Customs has issued an advisory to remind travellers that GST is exempt only for certain values. If you travel out of Singapore for less than 48 hours, then you will not have to pay GST for goods valued up to $150. If you are away for more than 48 hours, you are exempt from GST for goods valued up to $600.

Travellers will have to pay GST only on the value of the goods that exceeds the GST relief. For example, if you buy $800 worth of goods on a four-day trip to Hong Kong, you will need to pay GST for the $200 worth of goods. At 7 per cent, that comes up to $14.

You will have to produce invoices or receipts of these purchases to help calculate the tax payable. You can pay taxes at the Singapore Customs’ Tax Payment Office or at the self-service Tax Payment Kiosk at the checkpoints.

Here are some frequently-asked questions that you need to know before going all out with your shopping!

For more information on customs rules, go to

This story first appeared on The Straits Times. / Updated by Mizah Salik, December 2018

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