10 FUN Things You MUST DO In Yangon, Myanmar On Your Next Weekend Getaway

It's only a short flight away.
18 September 2019

The former capital is a playground for those who love food, culture and having a great holiday.

Answer this quickly: What’s the capital of Myanmar? If you answered Yangon, well…you’re wrong. The capital has shifted to Naypyitaw in 2005 but Yangon remains the cultural and economic capital and most populous city in the country.

This means that Yangon is still the place to travel to in Myanmar. Besides being a melting pot of the 135 ethnic groups in the nation, Yangon also features delicious food and multiple cultural landmarks. Plus, it’s affordable, which makes it even more attractive. Bonus: A quick three hour flight will get you there, which means it should be on your travel bucket list for weekend getaways.

What are the things to do when you’re heading to Yangon? We’ve got you covered.

By Ho Guo Xiong, September 2019

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