A Complete Guide to Navigate Your Way Around the Singapore Art Week

18 January 2016

By Maureen Courcenet, Finder Blogger: The Art Maven, and founder of Signé Design.


Art-fever has taken over the nation! Here some sample art-bites to keep your eyes sparkling but your temperature down!


Start with two of our main fairs, to find one piece (at least!) to bring visual joy year-round.

1. Art Stage, well-established showstopper (January 20 to 24):

 Art Stage Singapore 2016

Image:  Art Stage Singapore 2016’s Facebook page


Its focus is raising the understanding of influential contemporary art in Southeast Asia. Yet true to the region’s millennia-old position as a commercial crossroad, the world is coming to Art Stage with 170 galleries! Think of it as an East meets West journey.


2. Singapore Contemporary, new kid on the art block (January 21 to 24):

“Mediator” by Dean Reilly (Image: Singapore Contemporary Art Show)


Aiming to fill the mid-range price-gap between Art Stage and Affordable Art Fair, its fun approachable attitude is sure to inspire a newfound love of art in kids and adults alike.

  • Delight in live painting demonstrations:
    • Body-painter Emma Hack will spend 8 hours on January 21 transforming her muse with head-to-toe paint!
    • Ink-pen artist Jeff Murray shares how he mixed his own “Singapore Sling”, an artwork of the city-state’s natural landscape and ultramodern architecture, on 22 January.
  • Brush up on your art with enticing tours such as “Hidden China”, “Japan and Korea Revealed”… Plus kid-friendly ones! Everyday from January 22.
  • Browse to your art’s content, the theme of the fair being “A World of Art” with thousands of works on display!
  • Discover your homegrown artist: Art teachers await at the Kids Art Studio. Explore at leisure while your little one whips up that prized painting!
  • Holding a VIP lounge pass? Discover one of our most acclaimed contemporary artists, Filipino Ronald Ventura, famous for his multi-layered creations as a reflection of his multi-faceted country, in a multi-faceted region.


If putting up a prized bauble on your wall isn’t your thing, and if you just want to live and breathe art


3. More art events around town:

Art After Dark at Gillman Barracks (Image: Art After Dark)



About Maureen Courcenet

A global brand manager for prestigious homecare and beauty brands turned passionate advocate for culture and the arts, Maureen now heads Signé Design Interior Decorating. Signé Design is French for Signed By Design, and the interiors that Maureen creates are a subtle blend of your unique personal style with the studio’s own signature – it’s as delicate a labour of love as the branding of a bottle of perfume. While Maureen’s decorating projects often take her from Europe to Asia and back, this Parisian art-lover also co-heads docent ongoing training and special events at the Singapore Art Museum. Join her on Design Musings.



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