Here’s How You Can Celebrate The Thai Songkran Festival Right Here In Singapore

Can’t go to Thailand for the real deal? You can still have a splashing good time here.
03 April 2019

Get ready to get wet!

Known as the water festival, the Songkran Festival, which falls from April 13 to April 16 this year, is a national holiday in Thailand and marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. A major part of celebrations involve water, as people there believe that the pouring of water symbolises the washing away of negativity and bad luck from the year before. It’s about starting afresh and anew, if you will.

Beyond partaking in age-old rituals, such as pouring water onto the scared image of Buddha, in major cities such as in Bangkok, festivities are taken on another level, with mega street parties and crazy water fights involving water guns and balloons. It’s a rollicking and boisterous affair where people have a good laugh — they hit the streets, enjoy good food and drinks, and get utterly soaked. Although it’s not as mad in Singapore, we do have celebrations heralding the Thai New Year as well. Here’s where to check some of them out.

By Joy Fang, March 2019

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