Fun For ALL Families: 10 BEST Weekend Activities In Singapore For EVERYONE To Enjoy

It's time to clear your schedule.
08 May 2019

Have a blast with your loved ones at these cool family-friendly places on the island!

Family time is always precious and should always be cherished, but it can be easy to forget what’s important when life is overrun with daily stress, what with work and other adult responsibilities.

So what better day to showcase your love and appreciation for your family than on International Day of Families on May 15? Make an effort to really celebrate them and show your gratitude towards their love and support by carving out some time to be with them meaningfully. After all, without our family, where would we be?

We’ve rustled up some weekend (or weekday!) activities that will be fun for all the family — on the premise you might be working on the day itself.

By Nicola Watson, May 2019

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