Where to Fly a Kite in Singapore

08 March 2016
<p>Get high. Within limits. </p>

Get high. Within limits. 

There isn’t a lack of wide-open spaces to fly a kite in this little red dot. 


If you’re looking for an inexpensive and fun activity the whole family can enjoy outdoors, kite-flying is your best bet. 

Where can fly a kite in Singapore? Do need a permit for an aerial activity? According to the Singapore Kite Association, any vacant field that is outside 5 km of an airport is allowed as long at the kite stays within 60 m. Check out the area limits here

Kites flown near an airport or airbase may distract pilots during take-off or landing and/or be ingested by aircraft engines, according to the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

With that in mind, the best places for an awesome a day of kite flying in Singapore include: 


Green Roof at Marina Barrage

Probably the most popular place to fly kites against the panoramic view of the Singapore skyline. More info here.


West Coast Park

The three hectare-wide Grand Lawn is especially popular among kite-flying enthusiasts. More info here


Sembawang Park

This northern gem is the perfect waterfront park to soar a colourful kite with your friends and family. More info here.


Kite safety tips

  • Do not fly your kite during a thunderstorm as wet kite line conducts electricity.
  • Avoid flying near roads, MRT tracks, trees, power lines and other obstacles such as lamp posts, and antennas.
  • Fly below 60 meters and never within 5 km of an airport. For more information, check out the CAAS guidelines. 
  • Be sure not to engage kite lines with other kite flyers.
  • As wind direction and intensity can change very quickly, protective gloves are recommended to protect yourself when you need to pull your kite strings from gusting wind conditions.


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By Muneerah Bee, March 2016 

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