FYI, There’s A Secret Hilltop Fort In Sentosa You Probably Never Knew Existed

24 August 2017

Built in the 1870s, Fort Serapong, together with Fort Siloso, Fort Connaught and Imbiah Battery, formed the British army’s southern coastal defence on Sentosa – an artillery battery from which guns were fired.

When World War II broke out in Singapore in 1942, Fort Serapong and all other coastal batteries stood unused, as a seaborne attack from the south never came.

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Today, it’s an abandoned hideout that, despite its wear and tear, makes for a great day out of exploration.

An uphill climb up Serapong Hill Road leads to the ruins of Fort Serapong, hidden by overgrown greens. Graffiti occupies the walls, and you might even feel a slightly grim air if you let your thoughts run wild. Panic not, and calm down by looking out to the ocean beyond.

One group that’s more familiar with this overlooked territory than many is the Temasek Rural Exploring Enthusiasts (T.R.E.E.). They also organise guided tours to the fort, offering historical facts and ensuring safety (the structure is unstable, and entering the fort alone would be risky).

Browse the gallery below for a glimpse into this secret hideout.

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