7 Unconventional SURPRISE Party Ideas Your Partner Will Love

08 November 2018

I love surprising my partner for his birthday because he’s incredibly easy to surprise and NEVER catches on to what I’m up to.

By Finder blogger: Jeannette Arrowood of dontspoilmarket.com

Hearing him laugh is one of my greatest joys in life, and so I take great pleasure in planning each year’s passing and toasting to the next one.

If you’re hunting for unique ideas to celebrate your partner or even a close friend, here are some ideas to inspire you!

1. The Gamer or the Super Hero Nerd

Plugged in for a virtual fight at Colosseum Singapore

Why not plan a party at a video game café? You can book a giant room to really get into a game of Just Dance or Wii Sports.

I cannot confirm if we quietly snuck in any booze to mix in with the sodas on offer, but we had a blast at St. Games Café. Or try Play Nation or Colosseum.

Partner not into video games but still a big nerd? Laser tag is sure to be a hit!

To really top off the party, I also had a birthday cake made in the shape of the controller for my partner’s favorite video game. Singapore is not short on folks who can custom-make a tasty and gorgeous sweet, and some of my favorites are Only Y Designer Cakes, Jo Takes the Cake, and Icing on the Cake.

Get your superheroes fix at Hungry Heroes in Singapore

For those with a real kid at heart, book something really on-theme like Hungry Heroes, Singapore’s only superhero themed café and restaurant.

2. The Dancer or the Music Lover

Zig Zach at Club Kyo

If your partner loves to show off their moves, then a night out at the club might be the standard.

Turn it up a notch and bringing the party to your partner instead! First step? Finding the perfect DJ or band. A few recommendations: Zig Zach, the resident DJ at Kyo, Band on the Run, Singapore’s top party band, and Khan N Crew.

3. The Car Enthusiast or the Gadget Lover

Need for speed in The Ultimate Drive


Rock the chance to drive a mega expensive sports car that’s super high powered around the F1 track at Ultimate Drive, or vroom around in a Harley motorcycle through Malaysia’s countryside.

Maybe up in the air is more their speed? There’s the Seletar Flying Club where they can take lessons to get their private pilot license.

Pilot of the day at Seletar Flying Club


If they’re not quite ready for the big sky yet, try iFly for indoor skydiving.

And if they’re into gadgets, you could get them the GoPro sports camera to wear while experiencing all these awesome adventures!

4. The Fancy Pantser


A classic option? Take them to a fancy dinner, and just magically happen to run into another couple there,  who are good friends and have space at their table for you to join. Then, head to a bar, only to find another couple. Then ask other couples and friends to show up at specific times at other venues, until you find the biggest crowd last at a venue you booked out.

Or plan a surprise “day away” – book a ticket, pick your partner up at work, and take them on a whirlwind trip. For a good deal, watch Cheaptickets and Kayak.

Really ballin’? Super atas (classy)? Then The Royal Albatross is the pick for you. They can combine the dinner, drinks and dancing all for an unbelievable night out on the waters.

5. The Fashionable

Is your partner’s wardrobe looking a little sad? Get them a personal makeover from Maninder Krishnan from Image & Me. Or maybe they’ve already got a well-defined style, so have that custom suit or outfit made for them by your favourite tailor.

Not into a full makeover? A fancy shave session somewhere like Jermyn Street could be a good option for the guy who refuses to pamper himself but deserves a bit of TLC!

6. The Chef or the Foodie

Everyone is into food, right? Well, some of us are more into cooking it than others. Try a cooking class by Culinary On or Expat Kitchen to learn to cook a dish or cuisine your partner has always wanted to try making.


You could also plan a romantic, special picnic at the Japanese Gardens. If your partner loves alcohol, start collecting the wine bottle corks and have them made into a wall piece by this company on Etsy, or go on the Tiger Beer Brewery tour; and to cure the inevitable hangover from the perfect birthday smash, there’s delivery coffee from Hook Coffee.

7. The Impossible

Still haven’t found the perfect idea on the list? Well, your partner may fall into “the impossible” category. Don’t worry – there are birthday surprises still waiting for them out there!

Think diving with the sharks at SEA; if the budget doesn’t allow a full trip, go for a staycation (and do a scavenger hunt around the hotel giving clues and getting the staff involved until your partner finds you!).

Jewelry is always a popular option and almost always appreciated if you’re truly out of other options, but go to Mr. Koh at Mayer Jeweler at Far East Plaza, level 3, to personalize it. Scour the web – check out Uncrate for gifts for men that are high on aesthetics.

I hope this list has helped to inspire you and that you both have a wonderful time!

About Jeannette Arrowood

American-born expat Jeannette is a talented hackinista with an innate knack for optimisation – she’s all about cheaper, faster, and less hassle-y ways to get things done. She writes at the cheekily named Don’t Spoil Market about things she discovers in sunny Singapore, and she keeps it 100% steady pom pi pi lah!

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