5 Reasons to Visit Singapore’s Kranji Marshes

22 February 2016
<p>Kranji Marshes</p>

Kranji Marshes

Another new green space has recently opened in Singapore: Kranji Marshes. Here are five great reasons to plan your visit to this National Park.


  1. To really appreciate how far Singapore has come in such a relatively short period of time. Who would’ve thought in just 50 years, you could transform a swampy island into a major, world city complete with towering skyscrapers, an intricate underground railway system and still maintain a sense of lush greenery? Singapore is an architectural and engineering masterpiece. If you really want to get a feel for the terrain and habitat of the old fishing village, head to Krangi Marshes.

  2. The view from atop Raptor Tower. With a panoramic view of the marshes and the Kranji Reservoir, Raptor Tower can be especially rewarding from November to March during the raptor migratory season when you’re likely to see visiting species such as the Black Baza and Japanese Sparrowhawk.

  3. To peep some wildlife you won’t see anywhere else. Birds and reptiles, such as woodpeckers and monitor lizards are fairly common. Changeable Hawk Eagle or White-bellied Sea Eagle are also known to fly high and perch in the tall trees. At the Marsh Station, visit one of the bird hides for a chance to observe shy marsh birds such as the Purple Swamphen and Common Moorhen.

  4. For a guided walking tour. Known as “Evening Chorus at Kranji Marshes,” this free tour will teach you all about the marsh, woodland and grass habitats. The walk is approximately 3 km and will run monthly on Saturdays beginning this Saturday, 27 February from 4:30-6:30 pm.

  5. To get away — really get away — from the city. Kranji marshes is nature at it’s best. The protected environment does not even allow bikes (you can leave them at the gate). For an authentic look at nature in it’s most authentic habitat, ditch the concrete and head out to the marshes.

Read these tips for visiting before you go!


By Kathleen Siddell, February 2016

Photo: Kranji Marshes website

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