How Can I Enjoy Sex During My Pregnancy?

24 May 2016
<p>Intimacy and pregnancy aren't mutually exclusive.</p>

Intimacy and pregnancy aren't mutually exclusive.

Intimacy with a big belly: yay or nay?


Ugh, sex is the last thing on my mind. How else can I stay intimate with Hubby?

Many people are stuck in believing there’s a proper way to be intimate, says Dr Martha Lee, founder and clinical sexologist of Eros Coaching.

One-way sex – for instance oral sex or a hand job – is still sex. Intimacy can also mean gazing into each other’s eyes, holding hands across the table and cuddling in bed.

Discuss your needs, wants and desires with each other.


Why do I feel so fat and tired?

Some women are frustrated that their bodies are no longer the same, shares Dr Lee.

Rather than deny your emotions, acknowledge that this is part of being pregnant. This is your body’s way of asking for more rest.

Or perhaps, deep down, you want your loved ones to reassure you of their love and support.


How can I feel sexy again?

Give yourself a break. Instead, ask yourself where the need comes from, says Dr Lee.

Is it from social pressure or media influences, where women are expected to be perfect at all times?

But if feeling sexy is important to you, there are easy ways: You can put on light makeup, wear form-fitting maternity clothes and do some light exercise with your doctor’s okay.


And what can Hubby do?

What he can and should do has a lot to do with how you’re feeling. It can be counter-productive and frustrating if he were to do a whole bunch of things for the sake of being seen as helpful, when it’s not what you need at all.

Dr Lee suggests that he listens to how you’re feeling, shares what he thinks and feels in turn, and comes up with ideas what the both of you can do during those nine months.


By Young Parents, 11 May 2016


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