10 Baby Bag ESSENTIALS For Any New Parent In Singapore – By Taxi Baby’s Elise Mawson

Hey, being a parent means being prepared!
13 February 2019

The baby bag acts as life support for those first two to three years of errands, adventures and everything else you do with a baby in tow.

But, what are the truly important things a mum or dad needs to remember whenever leaving the house with kids?

As a mum of two, founder of Taxi Baby and a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician, I know a thing or two about keeping little ones safe and content. (Editor’s note: Elise also won The Finder’s Most Innovative Award in our Expatpreneur Awards 2018!)

Here is my list of the top 10 essential items every new parent should bring their their baby bag…

  1. Stroller Hook

It’s great for attaching light shopping bags to a stroller handle. (The Mommy Hook was the original.)

  1. Muslin or Swaddle

This multipurpose blanket can do double duty as a blanket, swaddle, burp cloth, breastfeeding cover or even an old-fashioned cloth nappy in a pinch. Aden + Anais are my favourites.

  1. Umbrella

Protect you and bub in rain or shine, especially in the temperamental Singaporean weather!

  1. Zip-Seal Bag (or Two!)

These small, sneaky plastic bags contain even the smelliest of laundry. (Once you get home, try out this eco-cleaner recently featured in The Finder.)

  1. Sleep Toy or Phone

You want something that makes sleep sounds or ambient noise. It helps to mask startling noises from passersby, and can push a 25-minute nap to 1 hour and 25 minutes!

  1. Sleep Cover

We carry the CoziGo one, which blocks 97-percent of light, germs and mozzies, but is fully breathable (safer than putting a stuffy muslin blanket over the stroller or car seat, which can prevent air flow) for sleep on the go.

  1. Spare Locking Clip

Keep a spare for your car seat in case your primary clip goes walkabout – you can’t get the car seat home without it in a cab.

  1. Metal Straw

In case you’ve forgotten a clean water bottle for bub, you can pop this into a bottle of spring water. Problem solved!

  1. Spare Change of Clothes for You 

A lightweight summer dress or top is great in case a “poonami” occurs while you’re out with your baby. #poophappens

  1. Insect Repellent

Protect your baby from those pesky mosquitoes! (Tip: Consider these natural repellents.)

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