Where To Find The BEST Tattoo Artists In Singapore For Every Style

Looking to get inked? Check out these top tattoo artists.
13 April 2018

Tattoos are not just a form of self-expression, but they are (quite literally) wearable pieces of art.

Gone are the days where tattoos come with a certain negative stigma, previously associated with gangs and hoodlums. These days, tattoos are seen as a way for people to express themselves. Celebrities like Zayn Malik and Lady Gaga are examples of how the public, in general, are more accepting of tattoos and an indicator that the public opinion has shifted.

Be it something meaningful or just an aesthetic preference, if you are thinking of getting one, there are some incredible artists here in the sunny shores of Singapore that you should totally check out. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go overseas to get an artistic tattoo that is done well. Our local artists are equally skilled in this craft and just as creative in terms of their flashes and designs.

We have broken them down by category for easy reference and to shine a light on these unconventional local talents. Simply scroll through each gallery per category:

Blackwork Artists:

Oriental Artists:

Sketchy Artists:

Old School Artists:

Realism Artists:



This article first appeared on Harper’s Bazaar, September 2017. 

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