Say what you will about the rationality of modern, First World humans, but sometimes, centuries-old traditions simply win out. We’re not pointing to any supernatural causes, nor even making any claims of causality, but for the past five years, the STI Index closed lower in August (the traditional start of the seventh lunar month) than in July.

In all likelihood, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this seeming pattern. However, we can’t help but be reminded that there are some pretty strong taboos about not signing any business deals or making major financial decisions during the Hungry Ghost Festival, for fear of — you guessed it — being cursed with bad luck.

What this means is, if you’re willing to be brave, you’ll have a slightly higher chance to scoop up some pretty solid deals during this time of the year. Just be sure to do your homework before committing, lest the taboo turns into a self-fulfilling prophecy.