Super HOT Lingerie You Can Wear Under Your Normal Clothes (For That Big Reveal On Valentine’s Day)

Scrap the complex corsets, the multiple straps and hooks — these lingerie pieces are sexy, yet comfortable enough to wear all day. And no, they’re not pink.
30 January 2019

While pretty, feminine and sexy lingerie is all well and good for the bedroom, it often does not lend itself well to long-term wear, and can get darn uncomfortable after a couple of hours.

Worse, if you get yourself into those complicated contraptions that have straps, hooks and studs — and no instructions. Let your ladies stay in comfort by going for pieces that you can wear all day and night, and yet do not compromise on the sex appeal.

Here are our top picks for lingerie pieces that will give your man a nice surprise when you get in after your romantic Valentine’s Day meal.

By Nicola Watson, January 2019

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