Shopping Hack: The Biggest And Most Important SHOPPING DAYS To Help You Stretch Your Dollar In Singapore

Don’t forget your credit cards — we’re going shopping.
21 June 2019

Mark your calendars, because you won’t get better deals than these.

Singaporeans live to shop. Need a clearer sign? Just look at the amount of shopping malls that are already around us, and the number of new malls that are mushrooming every month or so. We just can’t get enough, and retailers know it.

Sure, shopping is easy. You can easily step out of your house and buy whatever you need at any of these malls. But being a savvy shopper takes skills and patience. In fact, if you’re looking to maximise your dollar and get the most bang for your buck, you might want to hold off your purchases — whether it is online or offline — and reserve them on these 13 key shopping events in the calendar. Why? One word — sale.

From Chinese New Year and Christmas deals to the frenzied discounts of Black Friday and 11.11, these are the most important dates you should know about if you’re inflicted by the shopping bug. Good things come to those who wait.

By Ho Guo Xiong / Images: Shutterstock

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