Is It Okay to Wear Your Gym Clothes Around Town in Singapore?

18 January 2016
<p>Is it even fashionable? </p>

Is it even fashionable? 

By Natalie Dau, Finder Blogger: The Fit Friend, and co-founder of Urban Remedy

Who doesn’t like to be comfortable at all hours of the day? But is there a line that should not be crossed?  


No one likes wearing a suit or high heels (even if they are Jimmy Choo’s) five days a week and in the Singapore heat. Having worked in the corporate world for over 20 years I am loving the ability to dress in “active wear” every day with my new found flexibility, but even I draw the line sometimes on its appropriateness, or lack thereof. 

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that in the last year, sales of yoga clothes went up 45%, but participation in yoga only went up 4.5%. It seems there are a lot of people walking the street looking sport ready, but not actually breaking a sweat.

So when is it acceptable to wear it?

Of course if you are in fitness, aka a personal trainer or similar. Apart from that on your way to the gym or a physical activity, at the gym or physical activity, and on your way home from said physical activity. You can be forgiven for calling into the supermarket to grab some groceries or seeing a friend for a coffee, but please, apart from this go home, have a shower and get changed (you will smell better too!).

Unless you are a Channing Tatum or a Victoria’s Secret model you really do look better in “normal clothes” as Lycra can be unforgiving at the best of times.  

I think a balance of casual and comfortable is the winner for everyone. So grab that cool pair of Converse, throw on some jeans and a tee, and save the skin tight Lululemon’s or Under Amour tank top for your run, spin or yoga class. 

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About Natalie Dau

Having worked in global roles in the corporate consulting world for over 20 years, Natalie Dau left this life behind and followed her deep passion for fitness and health when she started Urban Remedy with Holleigh Mason. With the aim of being Asia’s number one wellness portal, Urban Remedy is about making healthy living options accessible to everyone – no matter age, race or income through global and local information, service directories, events, wellness programs and products, and for those wanting it, a very personalised wellness experience tailored to each individual through communities, content and a wellness dashboard.


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