How Well Do You Know Singlish and Singapore?

26 February 2016

Because it’s more than just adding “lah” at the end of sentences. 


It’s hard to live in Singapore and not be exposed to the greatness that is Singlish, and the way Singaporeans speak. We combed through our favourite curated online store, Naiise, to bring your some of the best shirts that require a good grasp of our unique colloquial patois, and a beyond-the-surface understanding of Singapore and its people. 

See if you know what they are about. (If you don’t, ask your nearest friendly Singaporean.) 


We’ll start with a fairly easy one. (Maybe someone might have even bought you this shirt?) 

RandomAngMoh shirt

Random Ang Moh Tee (Temasek Clothings)


Are you familiar with all these dishes by now? Yes, it makes you really hungry, doesn’t it? 


Hungry Liao T-shirt (LOVE SG) 


Oh no, this has nothing to do with arachnology.

kancheongspider shirt

Professional Kan Cheong Spider T-Shirt (Statement)


For the pretty lady in your life.


Super Chiobu Tee (Wet Tee Shirt)


One word: Chill. 

lepak shirt

Lepak Pte Ltd T-Shirt (Statement)


Sorry guys, she’s taken.

chope shirt

Chope Tee (Kilobite)


I mean, seriously.

Where Got Time

Where Got Time? Tee (Statement)


2015 may be over but you can still have this.


Wahllao SG50 T-shirt (Wet Tee Shirt)


To be used only when in agreement.

uh uh siol

Uh Uh Siol T-Shirt (Statement)


One of the scariest things to hear in school as a child.


Orh Hor Tee (Kilobite)


This can be used to express modesty, disbelief or denial. #HowCanYouNotLoveSinglish

no lah where got shirt

No Lah Where Got T-Shirt (Statement)


You know you are in Singapore when you hear this in a club.


Eh Wah Tee (Temasek Clothings)


This is how you master the subtle art of self-invitation. 


Bo Jio? T-Shirt (Statement)


Another one for the clubs. 


Eat Sleep Chiong Repeat T-shirt (Temasek Clothings)


Hint: All Inked Up.


The Inked Tee (Roadside Stall)


This is my personal favourite (I wear it when I’m overseas and wait for a random fellow Singaporean to give me a knowing look.) but I really can’t tell you what it means here. 


KNNBCCB T-Shirt (Statement)


Do you have a favourite Singapore phrase (sure got one lah)? Let us know on Facebook! Can?


Muneerah Bee, February 2016

Main photo: Temasek Clothings’ Facebook page, Product photos: Naiise


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