Handy Tips for Online Shopping in Singapore to Avoid Scams

12 April 2016
<p>Necessary precautions</p>

Necessary precautions

Sometimes convenience comes at a cost.


Whether you are shopping of gifts or groceries, it is always good to practice some precaution when it comes to online shopping. Here are some useful tips from the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) to have in mind.

– To ensure that your online transactions are safe, you should visit secure websites and look out for trust marks, such as CaseTrust accreditation, and TrustSg. 

– Do your research before buying anything. Get the full information on the price (including shipping costs) of the product, the terms and conditions, and exchange and refund policies.

– If you’re buying from a lesser known website or company, look in the identity of the actual vendor and make sure that there is a valid physical address on the website.

– You should also read online reviews and ratings given by other consumers on third-party websites for an overview of the retailer’s reliability in terms of product quality, delivery speed, and after-sales service standards.

– Always get the contact details of the vendor or merchant. Before buying the product, you should get all your queries answered and save a copy of all the communication with the vendor, in case it is needed in future.

– Exercise caution for high-priced and popular items, as well as with international transactions. 

– If you are buying household electrical and electronic goods online, be sure that they can be used in Singapore and meet relevant safety requirements. More information here

– Keep receipts of your online purchases

For more info on CaseTrust, visit www.casetrust.org.sg. 


By Muneerah Bee, April 2016 


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