3 Craft Markets in Singapore You Need To Visit

31 March 2016
<p>Crafts galore</p>

Crafts galore

For creative souls and curious hypehunters

Step aside, shopping malls – these craft markets are bringing you unique products from independent labels and designers that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Now this would make an interesting shopping trip.


1. MAAD Market of Artists And Designers

Happening one Friday night per month, MAAD is a popup marketplace for enterprising Singapore-based creatives to showcase and sell their original work. Expect to find the masterpieces of painters and visual artists, jewelry makers, fashion designers, home bakers, and more.

It’s also a great platform for artists and other creative souls, seller or buyer, to come together and connect as a community.

Website: http://www.museum.red-dot.sg/maad


2. Public Garden

image: Public Garden’s Instagram

What started as a one-time, small-scale event to support small and independent brands in Singapore some five years ago has now evolved into a regularly hosted, thriving indie marketplace.

Public Garden celebrates the free spirit – there’s no restriction on industries, so expect to see tons of interesting brand concepts and unique products each time. You’ll also find vendors joining from Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, and beyond!

They also organize a variety of workshops, from cake decorating to brush lettering, hosted by passionate vendors keen to share their interest.

Website: http://www.public-garden.com/


3. Makers’ Market

Another platform that supports and celebrates local start-ups, brands, and designers, the Makers’ Market is a vibrant marketplace that regularly brings in new labels and designers, so you’ll be in for fresh surprises at each event. 

Website: http://www.makersmarket.sg/


By Pinky Chng, March 2016


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