#FinderSGFaves 2019: SEE Better With These AFFORDABLE Contact Lenses In Singapore

Co-founders and contacts revolutionaries behind Two of a Kind
16 September 2019

As contact lens wearers, Darryn Tan and Javad Namazie were frustrated with the limited options available in SG or online: Lenses were either unreasonably expensive, or cheaply made.

In 2018, after 18 months of intensive research, they started Two of a Kind, which offers consumers high-grade lenses, sold direct-to-consumer at affordable prices by eliminating the middleman.

Read more about co-founders of Two of a Kind, Darryn and Javad, here!

By Sara Lyle Bow, Muneerah Bee, Melodi Ghui + Christopher Ong Ujine, The Finder Issue 300, September 2019 

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TFS 300

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