7 Reasons Why You Need to Visit The Newly Revamped Sephora At Takashimaya

While Sephora Gold Members are going to enjoy most of the perks offered at the revamped Sephora Takashimaya, it’s still worth a visit for the new and distinct experiences the store offers.
08 July 2019

You know the drill.

One day you’re shopping at your favourite store as usual, and the next, it’s obscured with construction hoarding and the promises of a new and refreshed look in a couple of months’ time. Before the hoarding even comes down, you know you’ll be stepping into a store with a different tiling pattern, a fresh coat (or two) of paint, new counters and shelves, and a revamped layout that you’ll have to spend time getting reacquainted with soon. Everything’s changed – yet everything’s remained the same. Sort of.

But that’s not the case for Sephora’s Takashimaya outlet. The multi-label beauty store at Basement 1 – which was Sephora’s first storefront in Singapore when it made its way into our lives 11 years ago – has gone through a thorough overhaul in the past two months, and opened its doors to the public today (July 5). And it’s not likely you’ll miss the bang surrounding the new store because, trust us, the uber-happening ceiling to floor screens with extravagant videos of people having fun with all things beauty will grab your attention once you’re within sight.

Beyond the flashing lights, here are seven reasons why you need to head down to the store this weekend:

By Kayce Teo, July 2019

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