4 IMPORTANT Things You Need To Know About Wake And Funeral Etiquette In Singapore

Not sure how best to behave?
02 August 2019

Follow this guide for essential dos and don’ts when attending a funeral.

Funerals are part and parcel of life, and you’ll probably go through your fair share during your lifetime. There are a great many superstitions and taboos around death, and it’s inevitable that funerals wind up inheriting some pretty specific — if unscientific — beliefs. (Cat jumped over the coffin? Uh oh, better get ready for an awkward and unexpected family reunion!)

Thankfully, funeral etiquette isn’t as complicated or outlandish. In spite of Singapore’s multicultural makeup, proper behaviour at funerals is largely a matter of common sense and empathy.

Here’s what you need to know about funeral wake etiquette in Singapore.

By Chip Chen, July 2019 / Images: Shutterstock

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