The One Way To REPEL Cockroaches In Your Home That Singaporeans SWEAR By

Spoiler alert: It's pandan leaves (if you didn't recognise them by the photo!).
16 April 2020

Who doesn’t like nice things? The answer: roaches.

Singaporeans swear by sweet-smelling pandan leaves to keep pesky cockroaches at bay.

How it works: Cockroaches breathe through a system of tubes called tracheae which are attached to openings on their body called spiracles. That means they breathe through their ‘skin’ and so they cannot tolerate fragrance particles that can clog their skin.

By filling the air with something aromatic, such as pandan for example, it suffocates them.

In order for pandan to be effective, one would need to use only fresh leaves and ensure that there is a constant supply. So if the bunch of pandan has been laying around in your cupboard for over a month, it’s probably no longer doing what it was put there to do.

Fabric softeners are another alternative. Not only are they fragrant, they are also soapy, which prevents cockroaches from breathing properly as well. Mix a cap of fabric softener with half a cup of water in a spray bottle and you have your own homemade insecticide.

By Young Lim, Home & Decor, December 2016 / Last updated: April 2020


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