6 Clever Hacks To Remove Wrinkles On Your Clothes Without An Iron

01 September 2016

Cease the crease

Sometimes, we’re hard-pressed for time, or simply don’t have an iron to work through the creases on our clothing (for us, we’re mostly just way too lazy). Say, when we’re traveling.

But fret not – here’s how you can dewrinkle your clothing even without an iron!

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1. Spray and hang

Lightly spray water on the wrinkled areas and hang it dry. As it dries up, the wrinkles will disappear along with it. However, this method is more effective on thinner materials such as silk.

2. Mattress

Roll the garment (not fold!) like a burrito and slide them under the mattress of your bed. The heat and the weight of the mattress will free the blouse of the wrinkles.

3. Bathe with it

Hang the garment in the bathroom while you take a shower and seal the bathroom to minimize air leaks. When you shower, you fill a tiny place with a lot of heat very quickly, and this heat will be able to straighten those creases out. It’ll take at least 10 minutes for the steam to unwrinkle the folds.

4. Damp towel

Lay your garment on a flat surface (preferably hard too) and put a damp towel on top of it. Press it down to smoothen out the creased areas. Then hang it up and let it air dry.

5. Hair dryer

This is probably the most straightforward method. Simply damp the wrinkled area and gently blow dry it on low heat. You should keep a distance of two inches so that you don’t damage the garment.

6. Hair straightener

If you have an emergency, this is your best bet! Did you know that woman in the 60s used to straighten their hair with an actual iron? So we are actually flipping the script. It’s especially effective for small concentrated areas.


By Cheng Jee Yan, HerWorldPlus, September 2015

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