5 Easy Ways to Create a More Eco-Friendly Home

23 July 2015
<p>Become More Eco-Friendly<br />

Become More Eco-Friendly

The wonderful thing about the green way of life is that it’s different for everyone, but you will find common threads in all of them. Living green goes beyond recycling – it’s a lifestyle of compassion, consideration and connection, and it always starts at home. How many traits in this list does your home have?


Know when to say “no”

A green home stays uncluttered as you are mindful of what comes in. While sentimental items are hard to part with, when it comes to excess – receiving pamphlets on the street, getting free gifts with purchases or making impulse buys – just say “no”!

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Get organised

If you are looking for something in a green home – a pair of scissors, or a pen – the chances are that you will know exactly where to find it. To avoid buying more than you need, ensure there is a place for everything.

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Get messy

You will undoubtedly see evidence of the process of creating: a messy kitchen, tools, plant cuttings, pots and soil, and a flurry of activity. This is part of living a hands-on life; just make sure to clean up the mess.

TIP: To learn new skills and get hands-on in your home, check out workshops on these websites: www.lessonsgowhere.com.sg and www.thegeneralco.sg.


Be smart, not stingy

Finding ways of repurposing and saving is like a game. Get a kick out of feeding plants stale water, or using an old shoe as a planter pot. Cut paper napkins in half, and always turn off running water. This isn’t stingy behaviour – it’s about not being wasteful!

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Don’t mindlessly collect “stuff”

A green home values connections. Knowing the origin of the things you buy, feeling connected to the maker and being a part of something positive is more valuable than brand names, price and prestige.

TIP: Fill your home with pieces that connect with you. Some great shops that curate products with a story can be found at www.haystakt.com, www.farmstore.sg, and www.worldsavage.com.


More ways to go green!


By Militza Maury, Home & Décor, June 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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