6 Food To AVOID To Beat Singapore’s Scorching HEAT

Brace the heat!
12 June 2019

They’re simply NOT compatible with our boiling hot climate.

As we approach the mid-months of 2019, the weather seems to grow increasingly hot and humid. And if there’s one thing Singaporeans can agree on, it’s that we wish it would cool down a little! Luckily, there are measures we can take besides constantly downing iced drinks, pigging out on ice cream and camping out in air-conditioned places.

One simple method to make sure our bodies do not heat up is to avoid foods that cause our bodies to generate heat. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), these foods are referred to as ‘heaty’ foods, which have the potential to cause undesirable effects such as rashes, fever, constipation and sore throats when excessively consumed.

Not sure what food items fall into this category? Read on as we list a few commonly consumed items that should be avoided in this tropical heat.

By Zoe Zeng, June 2019 / Images: Pexels

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