7 Morning Rituals That Can Make You More Productive

19 August 2015
<p>Get more done throughout the day with a great morning routine.</p>

Get more done throughout the day with a great morning routine.

The secret to being more productive is starting your morning right. We’ve asked some of Singapore’s most successful women there advice for getting more done. Here’s what the go-getters had to say…


Appreciate What You Have

“My Blackberry is the first thing I reach for when I wake up. As I’m not a morning person, going through my e-mails jolts me into my work mode really quickly. In the car, on my way to the office, I also have daily conversations with God. It puts life into perspective and helps me appreciate all the things I have and gives me the strength to shoulder my responsibilities.” Sulian Tan-Wijaya, senior director at real-estate firm Savills Singapore


Start With a To-Do List

“I’m a stickler for time management. So, every morning, I write down all that I have to do for the day, from the tasks that take the shortest periods of time to the tasks that require more time. Sometimes, I’ll even allocate the time I need for each item. This list frames my level of productivity for the day, and there’s a certain sense of satisfaction when I strike items off.” – Pat Law, founder of social influence agency Goodstuph


Start the Night Before

“I always count my blessings before I go to sleep. Doing so helps reduce anxiety and helps me sleep better. When I wake up, I never rush. Having a simple wardrobe also eliminates the need to decide what to wear every morning. Your brain should focus only on making important decisions.”  – Pauline Ng, co-founder and managing director of Porcelain The Face Spa


Do Yoga

“I usually start my day with a session of hatha yoga followed by coffee at my dessert bar. I find that yoga helps me to relax, concentrate and prepare for the day ahead.” – Janice Wong, chef and owner of 2am:dessertbar and Her World Young Woman Achiever 2011/2012


Make Some Music

“The first thing I do is to sit by my window and collect my thoughts. I love to watch the sky light up. More recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate some piano playing into my morning routine as I love to start my day the sound of the piano.” – Eunice Olsen, founder of WomenTalk TV


Pamper Yourself

“I take a long hot shower, and then load up on an extra-rich body cream and olive oil. I also eat a good breakfast. When I’m fresh and fed, I’m ready to take on the day.” – Dr Li Jingmei, research fellow at Genome Institute of Singapore


Eat With Your Family

“I try to wake up early to get over any lingering sleepiness, and I like having breakfast with my family. My mum usually prepares a simple meal of sandwiches and coffee, and we have it together before we head out.” – Dr Yeo Sze Ling, research scientist at Institute for Infocomm Research and Her World Young Woman Achiever 2013


By Amanda Lai, Her World, January 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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