5 Tasty (and Healthy) Juice Cleanses to Try Today

09 June 2015
<p class=Hop on board the juice cleanse bandwagon!

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Hop on board the juice cleanse bandwagon!

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There’s no stemming the flood of cold-pressed juice cleanses. From business high-fliers looking for a quick detox to socialites aiming to slim down for that big event, just about everybody is getting cold-pressed juice cleanses these days.  They offer more vitamins and enzymes, which, in more common centrifugal juicers, are disintegrated. Choose from 1, 3 and 5 day programs where you consume nothing but 6 bottles of juice a day. 

Drastic as it sounds, the wave took off as early as January last year and the tide shows no signs of abating. Early entrants like local start-up Joob are competing with new brands like Punch Detox and Rejuicenate. At first glance, they all share the same benefits: weight loss, detox and downing a wheelbarrow’s worth of fruit and vegetables without having to take a single bite. But dig a little deeper and you’ll realise it’s like comparing apples and oranges.

With no two programs alike, here’s our cheat sheet to get you started with our 5 most popular ones:

1. Punch Detox

What gives this four-year-old juicing brand from Hong Kong an edge over its competition is the foresight to include a savoury juice. The Gazpuncho, which uses tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, garlic and sea salt, is an absolute relief after a day of gulping down sweet juices. It can even be heated gently to be enjoyed as soup. Plus, each bottle includes at least one superfood such as nutrient-dense ingredients acai and goji berry, which are packed with antioxidants and vitamins.

2. Rejuicenate

Being a company spearheaded by chef Chris Remaley, who grew up on an organic farm and trained in Michelin-star restaurants, can mean only two things: Rejuicenate’s juices are big on flavour and are 100 per cent organic. Remaley combines his chef’s palate with the expertise of certified nutritionist Berthsy Ayide and uses produce from regional farms whenever possible. Ingredients like spices, agave nectar and even vanilla beans give the juices a yummy flavour boost. 

3. The Syndicate Juice Co.

Environmentalists, rejoice. The Syndicate Juice Co uses recyclable glass bottles, while most other brands use plastic. It also uses local produce where possible, tying up with urban farm Comcrop which has a vertical farm on the roof of *scape in Orchard Road. Each juice- cleanse program includes at least 3 green juices (more vegetables!) per day that are said to pack less sugar than the colourful fruit-based ones. 

4. Hic Juice

Hic Juice is the only company that collects glass bottles back every month for recycling. While it offers the standard one-, three- and five-day cleanse programs, 6-pack juices are also available for customers who seek the goodness of cold-pressed juices without having to go through a full cleanse. They range from ‘skinny’ for weight loss and ‘relax’ for unwinding and rejuvenation, to ‘glow’ to promote healthy skin and eyes.

5. Fresh Pressed

Fresh Pressed is one of the few companies with a storefront. Its Cluny Court shop is both a casual eatery with a menu created in collaboration with Belgian chef Emmanuel Stroobant, and a juice bar with organic produce from Australia. Unlike other brands, its juice-cleanse programs don’t repeat juices two days in a row.  So, dinner on the first day could be a concoction of red cabbage, lemon and pear named “Dragon Blood”, while the same meal the next could be the “All in One” – a blend of carrot, spinach, apple, celery and broccoli.


Ready to try? Here’s what to expect!

By Azimin Saini, The Peak Selections: Gourmet & Travel, Issue 11

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