Tips For TRAILING Partners: How To Find Success AFTER Divorce In Singapore

Read about how one inspiring expat businesswoman reinvented herself, post-divorce.
01 July 2019

Ellie Sakrzewski, owner of The Big Blow, is no stranger to divorce.

She went through her own in 2014, after moving to Singapore 13 years prior with her then-husband, and having a son. Before that, Ellie had been a hair and makeup stylist in Tokyo, Paris and other major cities.

When her marriage broke down, Ellie says she was concerned about her ability to provide for herself and her son. But, she wasn’t ready to give up on SG. “My life was here, my networks were here,” says Ellie, who is originally from Australia. “I wanted to keep stability for my son.”

According to researcher Dr. Yvonne McNulty, who has studied hundreds of divorcing expat couples in SG, many “trailing” spouses find themselves in Ellie’s position. Particularly for women who feel they have “given up” a career to follow their partner, she shares, “Nearly all of them regretted that they had become so dependent on their spouse, not realising that by doing so, they had limited their options for what they could do during the divorce. It impacted the lawyer they could obtain; their ability to stay in Singapore and live a half-decent life; their ability to make choices about housing, schools, and so on.”

Rather than wallow in self-pity, however, Ellie decided to reinvent herself, and now runs a thriving beauty business (in fact, she recently won one of The Finder’s 2019 Expatpreneur Awards!).

These are the 3 things she says got her “off the couch” after divorce. Read on to find out!

By Sara Lyle Bow, The Finder Issue 299
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The Finder - Issue 299

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