How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions

12 January 2016
<p>Build the foundation for a great 2016 now. </p>

Build the foundation for a great 2016 now. 

It’s almost two weeks into the new year. Have you been on track with your plans and resolutions for 2016? 


Don’t worry if you feel like you have not been keeping up with your goals. It can be a whole lot easier if you commit to doing just one thing that is a step which contributes to your larger objectives. Here’s how you can have a better year by making small efforts that add up to the big picture in the long run. 



If your resolutions revolve around fitness and wellness, don’t miss these tips on how you can look good and feel better throughout the year. 



And of course, every year brings new chances to see the world. We’ve listed the long weekends in 2016 and where you can go for your long-awaited vacation.



Don’t intend to travel much? There’s always plenty to do right here in Singapore. Check out what we have listed for you and your family and friends to enjoy right here on this little island. 


If you didn’t set any specific goals for 2016, it’s still not too late to make New Year’s resolutions. Here are three easy ones you can start with, and some events to get you inspired.



Whether or not you are a believer, check out these tips to keep in mind for the year. 



And last but not least, if you resolve to find best noms in Singapore this year (who doesn’t love the variety of food here?), keep a look out as the Michelin Guide comes to Singapore in 2016!


Muneerah Bee, January 2016

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