How To Get Thicker And Fuller Hair Instantly

30 March 2016
<p>Get thick hair in just 5 easy steps.</p>

Get thick hair in just 5 easy steps.

Bid goodbye to flat hair

What’s worse than bad hair days? Bad hair – period. If you struggle with thin hair, here’s how to pouf up your mane to make it instantly fuller and thicker.

1. Shampoo – twice!

Kick up with a “double cleanse”, which basically means shampooing, rinsing and then lathering up again. I swear by this teeny tweak, which makes all the difference in cutting through the day’s grime and grease, both of which contribute to the deadweight dullness of limp locks.

2. Oil treatment

Treat your fragile post-shower follicles to some tender loving care by opting for oils.

Best bit: Feel free to use an oil as and when you feel like you need a little extra luster. Before stepping into the club, for instance, rake in just the tiniest bit through the ends of your tresses for a photoshoot-ready patina. Finger comb to coat the cuticles and seal the goodness in.

3. Bobby pins – every girl’s best friend

Now that your head has been doused with a protective salve, divvy up your hair into quadrants and pin each section up – one on each side, one on the crown and one on the back – as you blow dry.

Next, use discreet bobby pins to secure each swathe of hair as you curl them up towards your crown. These pins shouldn’t hurt; feel free to experiment with different configurations so you’re entirely comfortable with your head nestled against a pillow.

4. Set your hair free!

The morning after, ditch the bobby pins, flip your hair over your head, then grab a boar bristle brush to comb out any twists and tangles.

Want it even bigger and bouncier? Take the tiniest dollop of volumising cream and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect.

5. A final blast of texturising spray…

And you’re done. Boom! Bouncy, more voluminous hair virtually overnight.


By Eugene Quek, Her World Plus, 17 March 2016


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