RELAXING Spa-Like Experiences You Can Enjoy In Singapore For Any Budget

DIY alternatives included!
17 January 2019

It’s time to pamper yourself.

You don’t need an occasion (or a big budget) to hit the spa. Try these options if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to destress from your hectic lifestyle in Singapore.

Go to the Pros
Sit back, and let these services work their magic.

  • For hair care

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing blowout or a professional hair treatment, you can’t go wrong with longstanding Holland Village salon Sweeny’s or South Beach Avenue’s Hairpage Underground, whose team is trained in the U.K. Meanwhile, TK TrichoKare has certified hair doctors to help handle thinning hair and other issues.

  • For eco-beauty

Flare Wellness, an organic beauty salon/ sanctuary in Bugis, is the place to pamper your skin with only 100-percent natural ingredients. It sells a range of planet-friendly products as well.

  • For body shaping

With 16-plus years of experience, Dr. Rohan Mendis off ers noninvasive treatments and other aesthetic enhancements to help you slow down visible signs of aging at Mendis Aesthetics on Orchard Road.


By Joshua Tan, Natalie Dau + Andrea McKenna Brankin / Additional Reporting: Sara Lyle Bow + Sandhya Mahadevan, The Finder Issue 296 / Photos:

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