Moving to Singapore – The Lion City Welcomes You!

15 April 2015

Welcome to your new home! No matter how long you plan on being in Singapore, hopefully we can help make the transition a little easier for you. We know you’re going to love “The City in a Garden.”

Singapore is often mentioned at the top of global lists of the best places for expats. And while living in Singapore is relatively easy (think: manageable geography, English-speaking population, high standard of living and rule of law), after arriving, everyone has to create a new routine as well as lists of vendors, favorite shops and service people. The diversity of culture in The Lion City is an amazing benefit. From the sights and sounds of Chinatown and food of Little India, to the casual, cool alleyways of Kampong Glam and Arab Street – Singapore’s rich history lives and is easily available to those who want to experience it. Be adventurous and be willing to accept the city on its own terms. There are many foreign communities here as well, making it easy to find a network for you and your family.

And once you’re all settled in, another particularly appealing aspect of living in Singapore is the ease with which you can escape for work or play. Whether by plane, train, boat, bus or car, you can be in some very interesting and exotic places in a couple of hours: rent an Indonesian island just 15 kms from here, fly to Yangon for the weekend, volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, check out World Heritage Sites in Central Java or Cambodia, and so much more.

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Written by Glenn van Zutphen, Living in Singapore: Thirteenth Edition Reference Guide, May 2014

Courtesy of the American Association of Singapore

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