Ministries and Government Agencies of Singapore

14 April 2015

While there are several ministries and government authority bodies in Singapore, listed here are some of the main ones that you may need from time to time. Most agencies offer information and the convenience of online services, making your life in Singapore easy and time efficient.

For a more comprehensive list of Singapore’s governing bodies, please visit

Department of Statistics (DOS) – provides reliable and timely statistics about almost everything related to Singapore, including population, prices, rates of household expenditure and so forth.

Immigration & Checkpoint Authority (ICA) – responsible for border security, immigration and issuing of travel documents and identity cards to Singapore citizens and immigration passes and permits to foreigners.

Ministry Of Communications And Information (MCI) – oversees the development of the infocomm technology, media and design sectors; the national and public libraries; as well as Government’s information and public communication policies.

Ministry of Education (MOE) – directs the formulation and implementation of education policies in all Government and Government-aided primary schools, secondary schools, junior colleges, and a centralised institute. It also registers private schools.

Ministry of Health (MOH) – responsible for ensuring that healthcare in Singapore is characterised by good clinical outcomes and professional standards, and that affordable healthcare services delivered are appropriate to each patient’s needs.

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) – deals with employment practices including rules and regulations concerning foreign domestic workers and a better work-life balance for Singapore’s working class.

Land & Transport Authority (LTA) – responsible for planning, operating, and maintaining Singapore’s land transport infrastructure and systems, including public transport and EZ-link cards.

National Parks Board (NPB) – the government branch responsible for making Singapore the green city in a garden that it is. Come here for information on the different parks across the island, as well as best routes for heritage walks and green activities.

One Motoring – A subsidiary of LTA, ONE.MOTORING is the only comprehensive portal serving all motorists and vehicle owners in Singapore, providing the convenience of online transactions such as road tax renewal and traffic fines payment. 

Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) – provides current information on the property market and rules around buying property if you are a foreigner.

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