The Long History of the Singapore Haze

05 October 2015
<p>Singapore ships in the haze.</p>

Singapore ships in the haze.

The haze in Singapore does not seem to be lifting anytime soon. Many people were here when the AQI numbers crept up to 400 in June 2013 but the problem of “the haze” dates back decades. The Straits Times has some eye-opening photos of the haze problems that continues to persist.


A prolonged spell of haze has affected Singapore this year, with forest fires in neighbouring Indonesia contributing to the hazy conditions over the past month and a half.

Air quality also reached hazardous levels in late September, which resulted in the unprecedented closure of all primary and secondary schools on Sept 25.

But the haze is not new – records show that the issue has plagued Singapore from as far back as 1972.

The Straits Times delves into its archives for a look at some of the more prominent haze events.

See the photos here.


By Lee Min Kok, The Straits Times, October 2, 2015


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