A Beginner’s Guide to Singapore Shopping Malls

12 May 2015

Shopping areas range far and wide to serve the needs of each community in Singapore. Even in a large mall along Orchard Road, there is no reason to limit yourself to only the well-known shopping venues. There is much shopping (and saving) to be done in other areas of Singapore, too. Virtually every neighborhood center has a wet market and local shopping plaza. It can be a refreshing change to experience Singapore away from the glitter of Orchard Road. Many suburbs have large malls nearby and many malls host branch locations of the same shops. Consult store websites for locations around town. For example, there are 15 Mango stores and more than 20 Cotton-On stores in Singapore! If a mall location is not serviced directly by the MRT, many offer shuttle bus services to aid getting there.

For more information on the different shopping enclaves in each neighbourhood and where to shop, you can purchase Living in Singapore published by the American Association of Singapore by visiting http://www.aasingapore.com/living-in-singapore/         

Written by Janet Maurillo, Living in Singapore – Thirteenth Edition Reference Guide, May 2014

Courtesy of the American Association of Singapore.


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