A Beginner’s Guide on Keeping Cool in Singapore’s Blazing Weather

22 April 2016
<p>Keep calm. </p>

Keep calm. 

Is the heat getting to you?


We all know that #GlobalWarmingIsReal because we definitely feel the heat. Here’s how you can beat the heat when it gets crazy hot and humid in Singapore


Carry a fan with you 

This may sound like common sense but I still don’t see everyone doing it. Get one of those pretty hand fans (easily found in ChinatownMustafa Centre, or souvenir stores) and you can even get them to match your outfits. 

Or get yourself one of those battery-operated or rechargeable handheld fans to cool yourself down as you walk around the city. (Groupon usually has some interesting and practical options.)


Bring a brolly

Similarly, carrying a little umbrella in your purse will provide some shade when you have to walk in unsheltered areas. 


Have facial water spray on you all the time

A face mist is great when the weather gets a little out of control when you’re outdoors. Just a few spurts throughout the day will make your skin feel hydrated. I personally love Thermal Spring Water from Avène because it goes well with my skincare regime but there are plenty of others in the market that work well too. 


Consider your outfits

Another no–brainer, but we can’t always wear shorts and t-shirts so if you are shopping for clothes for a special event, consider the fabric of the outfit and how it will feel if you’re walking in it under the hot sun. Whatever you’re wearing for the day, don’t forget to apply some anti-perspirant deodorant before heading out. 


Keep your hair in check

If you’re going to be outdoors for a long period of time, it might be a good idea to have spray-on dry shampoo for some rejuvenation in between. 


Keep it short

You may have some reservations about chopping off your long locks but maybe it’s worth to try if you’re new to Singapore’s humidity. You can always grow it out again when you’ve adjusted to the weather


Indulge in some cooling treats

Sometimes the best way to keep cool is to consume something that can help to bring the temperature down (or so we hope). Check out our delicious suggestions here


By Muneerah Bee, April 2016


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