The Beginner’s Guide To Finding The Best Domestic Helper For Yourself

14 April 2016
<p>Step 1: find a suitable agency.</p>

Step 1: find a suitable agency.

A good agency is the first step to having a good helper.

Having trouble navigating the Singapore Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) website to find a suitable domestic helper agency? Here’s some help.

The basics

1. Log on to the MOM website.
2. Click on to the “Employment Agencies and Personnel Search” on the lower right hand side of the site.
3. Click on the orange “Search for employment agencies and personnel” button and tick “Foreign Domestic Workers (FDW)”.
4. Choose “More than 10 Years” for agency experience, and tick “Agency Demerit Points,” “FDW Retention Rate,” “FDW Transfer Rate,” and “FDW Placement Volume.” Leave the rest blank.

Shortlisting agencies

Browse through the search results and take note of retention rates (percentage of helpers that stay with employers for a year or more): These must be at least 55 percent – the higher, the better. Also, look out for the placement volume (number of helpers placed out by the agency yearly), which should be 200 or higher. These two criteria help gauge an agency’s success in attracting clients and placing helpers.

Investigating practices 

Review the Good Business Practice Accreditation Programme business listings on the Consumers Association of Singapore (CASE) website to narrow down your search. Choose “Accredited Businesses” and then “Casetrust Accredited Businesses.” Tick the “CaseTrust for Employment Agencies” option under “Accreditation Type.” Compare your MOMshortlisted agencies with the ones on the CASE website, then browse through individual agency websites. Each should have testimonials that are backed up by scans of real customer letters and emails.

You can now visit your agency of choice!


From The Finder, April 2016


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