And The MOST Expensive City For Working And Living Abroad Is…

22 June 2017

Mercer’s newly-released annual Cost of Living Survey studied over 400 cities across five countinents, measuring the comparative costs of more than 200 items in each location, including housing, transportation, food and entertainment.

The costliest city, driven by the cost of goods and security, is Luanda, Angola. While expats are offered generous salary packages in this oil-rich country, a huge portion of it is inevitably surrendered to, say, $$100 pastas and S$10,000 gym memberships.

Meanwhile, 5 Asian cities made this year’s top 10 list: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and Shanghai. Other key Asian cities, although relatively cheaper, all rose in the ranking from last year – Bangkok (73rd to 67th), Jakarta (93rd to 88th) and Hanoi (106th to 100th).

Find out which cities are the most expensive for expats to live in below.

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