8 Life-Saving Hacks For The Best House Party Ever

28 April 2016
<p>You can thank us after.</p>

You can thank us after.

If you’ve ever hosted a house party, you’ll know that things never go entirely smoothly. Ever.  

Here are 8 handy hacks to deal with blunders and unexpected disasters.


1. Speed-chill your beers

image: 1loveto.com

Wrap a wet paper towel around your beers before placing it in the freezer. Ice-cold beer in 5 minutes!


2. Freeze grapes to chill white wine without watering it down

image: bgr.com

Or freeze berries to chill your cocktails.

And it looks fancy!


3. Need ice? Freeze water instantly.

We kid you not – like, instantly.


4. Cut ice cream into slices with a knife for easier serving.

image: littlethings.com

Scooping the ice cream out of a tub is much more of a challenge; plus the ice cream melts quicker too.


5. Grill meat the smart way.

image: seriouseats.com

All it takes is an extra skewer – use two skewers per kebab to prevent the pieces of meat from rotating as you flip them on the grill.


6. Rent party equipment instead of buying

image: Let’s Float SG on Carousell

Try Rent Tycoon for everything from tables and chairs to gazebos to cooking equipment, Let’s Float SG for adorable giant party floats… You’d be surprised by what you can rent (spoiler alert: everything) with just a quick Google search!


7. Put your phone in a cup to amp up the volume.

image: mensxp.com

No speakers to blast your playlist with? This makeshift one will do.


8. Fight wine with wine.

Ah, the post-party apocalyptic mess we know all too well.

Two wrongs make a right – if you’ve got red wine stains on your carpet, use white wine to neutralize the dark stain.


By Pinky Chng, April 2016


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