7 Places in Singapore to Adopt the Rescue Pet You’ve Always Wanted

22 August 2016

Adopt, don’t shop. 

Think you’re ready for a lifetime commitment of having a loving pet and companion?

Before you head over to a pet store, consider rescuing one instead. Take a look at these options and you could just fall in love with one of these furry creatures.

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1. SOSD Singapore


SOSD rescues and rehomes as many stray dogs and puppies as they possibly can, and they are all listed here for your convenience. You can filter your search according to its gender, type (puppy or adult), and HDB approved status. 



2. Maomao Adoption Drive


Looking for to adopt cute rescued cats? Maomao Adoption Drive might be a good place to start your search. The next adoption drive is on August 28, and most of the cats are tested and free from FIV/FELV.

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3. HOPE Dog Rescue

This group of volunteer animal rescuers does not have a physical shelter but they have a list of rescued dogs waiting for forever homes. Get details of these furbabies (including whether of not they are HDB-approved) here



4. Save the Caldecatts 

The felines of Caldecott Hill need a home. There are at least about 20 of them available and you can get to know them here



5. Action for Singapore Dogs (ASD)


This non-profit welfare organisation has even categorised their list of dogs for adoption according to gender, size, traits and personality. HDB approved status and date of birth are also included. 



6. Cat Welfare Society 


I’ll be the first to admit sometimes I can spend forever browsing through the Society’s public adoption bulletin board. It lists the cats’ age, primary colour, breed and has a short description about each kitty so you can know a bit about their backstories and characteristics. 



7. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore

The SPCA’s adoption gallery has a comprehensive list of dogs, cats, small animals (including rabbits), and senior pets — all eager to find a loving home. Some listings even come with a video so you can see your future pet in motion. 



The adoption process may require potential pet owners to pay an adoption fee (which covers the cost of vaccination, sterilisation, deworming, microchipping, registration, licensing, and so on.)

The organisation may also need to check the homes and premises of the potential adopter or request family members (including domestic helpers) to view and interact with the animal before approving an adoption. This is to ensure that the animals will be in good hands and to avoid the need to rehome the adopted pets. 


By Muneerah Bee, last updated January 2017

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