5 Cutest Pets You Should Be Following On Instagram

15 April 2016
<p>So cute, it's illegal.</p>

So cute, it's illegal.

Why else do you have an Instagram account if you’re not following these furry friends?


1. u_m_e_c_o

Cats looking at your food. All the time. But you somehow just don’t get bored of it, because, you know, cats.


2. stacey_and_una

What’s better than a Westie? Two Westies.

Stacey and Una frequently sport matching outfits and, we have to say, they’ve got great fashion sense.


3. Jermzlee

Just owner Jeremy Veach doing mankind a huge favour by feeding us images of his gorgeous pug, Norm.


4. Fuzzberta

Fuzzberta, this fuzzy ball of joy, will hop right into your heart. Her other furry friends join her in her Instagram adventures sometimes, although not surprisingly, she never fails to take the spotlight.

She’s got her own merchandize as well!


5. dailydougie

Meet Dougie, the Shih Tzu that looks cute half the time, and dons a resting bitch face the other half of the time (yet he still looks cute – the world isn’t fair).


By Pinky Chng, April 2016


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