5 Bizarre Things To Invest In That Your Financial Advisor Would Probably Never Suggest

29 June 2016

With the uncertainty and poor performance of financial and currency markets following Brexit, here’s some unconventional financial advice to follow, or not, at your own risk. 

We all know to invest in art, wine, gold, and whatnot. But these seemingly completely random things have proven to make great investments as well, unexpectedly raking in the moolahs for collectors.


1. LEGO 


If you knew how much your LEGO blocks could be fetching you right now, you wouldn’t have cursed at it so furiously when you stepped on that stray LEGO brick as a child. 

Of course, not every other piece of LEGO will help you strike it rich, but the right ones will give you better returns than even gold or shares.  

“Cafe Corner”, a set that was sold for £89.99 (~S$160) in 2007, is now worth almost S$4,000 since it went out of production. 


2. Comic books 


DC’s Batman Adventures #12, first published in 1993, originally cost $1.25, but has since appreciated to $800, making a 26,567% return. Imagine, then, selling an entire volume of these comics! 

Invest in comic books that are of limited supply, and feature lead characters that already have a readership base, such as the classic Marvel superheroes. 

Comics that mark the first appearance of these popular characters, in particular, are especially valuable. 


3. Coins 


A penny for your thoughts? We’d spill all of ours if it’s a 1943 bronze Lincoln penny, because we’d be $1.7 million richer – that’s how much the coin was auctioned off for in 2010. 

This was one of the few coins mistakenly struck in bronze rather than zinc. 

Investment coins are typically old, rare, or contain a higher amount of precious metals like silver. 

It’s also a relatively safe investment, because after all, a coin is a coin and will always carry at least its own value. 


4. Figurines 


If you still hoard the keepsakes of your childhood, it might be time to let them go. 

At least you’ll be getting quite a sum in return. 

Investing in figurine toys is no child’s play. For instance, the release of the recent Star Wars: the Force Awakens movie, 38 years after its first film, increased demand for its vintage merchandise. An unassuming 3¾in figurine could fetch you tens of thousands! 


5. Bags 


If you’ve been eyeing the coveted Birkin bag, here’s a reason to drop the whole of your next paycheck on it with zero hesitation. 

The Hermes Birkin bag sees an average annual increase of 14.2% in its worth, over the period of 1980-2015. Much of its astronomical price is due to its scarcity – the bags are made in limited numbers and not advertised, and waiting lists for new bags are as long as 6 years. 

Similarly, the Chanel Medium Classic Flap Bag, once worth US$220 when it was first birthed in 1955, is now valued at US$4,900 (~S$6,600).


By Pinky Chng, June 2016


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