11 Swim Schools for Kids and Adults in Singapore

07 July 2015
<p>Teach your kids pool safety!</p>

Teach your kids pool safety!

Teaching your kids water safety is essential – especially living in Singapore! Many of these schools offer lessons for both kids and adults so you or your help can learn right along with them!


1. Aqua Arrows Swim School – There are also classes for adults, so mum (or dad) and kiddo can learn to swim together. Tel: 8685 8688, Email: info@littlesplashes.com.sg


2. Aqua Bambinos – The indoor pool is heated and comes a salt chlorinator so the water is comfortable and gentle on baby’s skin and eyes. At 45 Burghley Drive, Tel: 6487 3225


3. Fitness Champs – Private coaching classes are available if you’d prefer one-on-one attention for your child. Tel: 9005 5485, Email: contact@fcswim.com


4. Fun Splash – Look out for the SwimSafer water safety programme, which was introduced by Singapore’s National Water Safety Council. It teaches children confidence, water safety skills and swimming fundamentals. Tel: 9189 4480, Email: enquiries@funsplash.com.sg


5. Singapore Swimming Academy – Classes range from 45 minutes to an hour in duration. Additionally, Singapore Swimming Academy offers a free pairing service that will match the right instructor with your location, requirements and schedule. Tel: 6680 6530


6. Swimfast Aquatic Club – Founded by two-time Singapore Olympian David Lim, Swimfast offers a structured programme that caters to children from aged four. Also good if your child wants to swim competitively. Tel: 6472 4288, Email: info@swimfast.com.sg


7. Aquaducks – Classes are 45 minutes in length and are conducted at either the Swiss Club or the Hollandse Club. Tel: 6463 5554


8. Fun Dayz – You’ll have complete peace of mind, knowing your helper is learning the right skills to tackle any poolside difficulty. Tel: 9880 3103, Email: info@fundayz.net


9. Marsden Swim School – Helpers will be taught stroke technique and life-saving skills to help in any water situation at the pool. Tel: 9665 0328


10. Singapore Expat Solutions – In addition to water safety classes, there are also other educational courses you can pick for your helper. Tel: 9883 9672 or 9883 9671


11. Swim Concierge Lifeguards – Not only will your helper learn to recognise an emergency in the water, she’ll also learn to how protect herself and the children in these situations. Tel: 9423 7133

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