On Your Mind: How Do I Help My Child Adjust To Her New School Life In Singapore?

Have a talk with your child about her fears about studying in SG, advises Neil Smith, Head of Elementary at Australian International School (AIS).
15 August 2019


You’re new to SG and worried about how your child will cope in school.

Your family recently moved to the Red Dot and your child will be starting school soon. However, you’ve noticed that she becomes withdrawn and even surly at the mention of her first day at school. But fret not, because it isn’t uncommon behaviour in expat children who have just moved to a foreign country.

Can I do anything to help her get used to schooling in Singapore?

According to Neil Smith, Head of Elementary at Australian International School (AIS), “the prospect of making new friends, getting to grips with timetables and navigating your way around a new campus can be daunting.”

Help soothe her fears by arranging for a pre-visit with your child to let her get a feel for the school’s facilities, teachers and programmes before term begins. Encourage her to set some goals for the first day: Meet new friends, enjoy a game of netball or find someone from her home country. “Many schools run a buddy programme for the first day of school, where they buddy new students up with a peer to show them around,” says Neil.

Lastly, he advises that you refrain from making assumptions about your child’s fears. “Instead, ask your child to talk you through her concerns. Then, talk about all of the exciting things she will experience in her new school,” Neil adds.

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From The Finder (Issue 293), July 2018

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